Adria Airways
Scale 1-200 model
Airbus A320-200


S5-AAS - OY-JRK (MSN 444)
YU-AOA - SL-AAA - S5-AAA (MSN 043)
YU-AOD - SL-AAB - S5-AAB (MSN 115)
YU-AOE - SL-AAC - S5-AAC (MSN 114)
S5-AAT (MSN 191)
YU-AOB (MSN 028)


Flat white display stand - Original box
Slovenski Letalski Prevoznik d.d. - The Airline of Slovenia Ltd.
Airline Color Scheme - Introduced 1989


Aircraft Type: Airbus A320-231
Configuration: CY180 - Y180 - CY162
Engines: 2x IAE V2500-A1 - 2x CFMI CFM56-5A1
Dimensions: Wing span 34.09m (111ft 10in), length 37.57m (123ft 3in), height 11.76m (38ft 7in). Wing area 122.6m2 (1319.7sq ft)
Performance: A320-200 - Max cruising speed 903km/h (487kt) at 28,000ft, economical cruising speed 840km/h (454kt) at 37,000ft.
Range with 150 passeng